Fuel Card and Management

FleetChoice offer a flexible and convenient fuel card solution, allowing you to purchase fuel cash-free at over 6,000 service stations nationally across brands including:

Shell, Coles Express, Ampol, Woolworths, BP, United, 7-11, Puma, Liberty and United.

In addition to convenience, our fuel card also offers in the ability to save when you also use your supermarket fuel savings dockets. 

All your fuel and vehicle related purchases such as oils, lubricants and car wash (offered at participating service stations) can be charged to your fuel card and are applied directly to fuel budget in your novated lease, so management is hassle-free and there's no need to retain or submit manual receipts. 

Plus, unlike fuel card solutions offered by other novated leasing providers, our solution offers just one card which can be used across all participating outlets. You don't need to fill your wallet with a card for multiple different service stations!