The Forgotten
Employer Initiative

If work represents 50% of a person's waking life, then the majority of employers even those boasting the most magnificent perks in the industry, only focus on 50% of what matters.

Using data from the inaugural Employer Talent Investment Index, this white paper will help you:

  • Understand the benefits Australian employers are offering
  • Introduce a new category of employee engagement
  • Increase your employee retention rate and attract new talent
  • Focus on what matters to your employees

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Increase your employee retention rate

With the average annual expenditure now up over $17,000, 48% of employees are stressed about the cost of transport.

Employees are 28% less likely to consider leaving when participating in a novated leasing program.

Think beyond the coffee cart- start engaging at the salary

True work/life balance means having the time and money to enjoy family and friends outside of work. Income subsidies, as opposed to just perks and benefits, show that employers genuinely understand this.


Download The Forgotten Employer Initiative

Focus on what matters to your employees